Our Story

Our founder, Alex, a passionate outdoor adventurer and yoga lover, deeply connected with nature. Her journey in appreciating nature's value led her to embrace environmental sustainability, aspiring to harmonize our search for well-being with nature's preservation.

Our relationship with nature is profound and reciprocal. We see ourselves as more than inhabitants of this earth - we are its protectors. This connection influences our well-being and commitment to nurturing the environment. In thriving nature, we find our own growth and happiness.

Guided by this belief, we joined forces with experts to find the best sustainable materials. Our goal was to create not just products, but a harmonious yoga experience. We offer premium, eco-conscious yoga gear, designed with care for you and the planet.

We create & craft the finest sustainable products

Nurturing inner peace, joy, thread happiness, health, and serenity, painting a tapestry of sustainable kindness with no unnecessary harm to our world.

Ethically Sourced

Our cork, hailing from historic Portuguese&Itali family farms, encapsulates a legacy of tradition and sustainability. We don't just source materials; we honor age-old practices, ensuring every harvest respects nature and tradition.

Building Wellness Together

At Cork Collective, we actively engage in community wellness, supporting and participating in events that bring yoga enthusiasts together. Our goal is to foster a sense of unity and shared growth within the yoga community.

Recycled Packaging

Leveraging FSC-certified recycled paper, our packaging is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, ensuring both product and presentation align with eco-conscious values.